Together We Will Win - by Karen A. McWhirt

Ian's Story- A book to raise awareness of the most common cancer in young men.

 Ian was diagnosed with stage IIIB Testicular Cancer in November 2004 at the age of 19. His original prognosis was "intermediate" and he had a good chance, and "Together we will win" became his cancer-fighting motto. Unfortunately the cancer progressed aggressively. He died 4 months later, due to the advanced stages of the cancer. Ian hoped to change the paradigm of silence about Testicular Cancer. He asked his mom to write a book to tell his story, "so other guys will know, and they won't have to go through what I've been through," he said.

Ian felt that if he and his family had known about testicular cancer - if anyone had talked with him about testicular cancer - he would have known what to do when he noticed the lump in his testicle more than a year before his eventual diagnosis. Cancer treatment would have been less intense, and his cure would have been certain.


Ian was dismayed that so many people don't know about the most common cancer in young men his age... a cancer that was quickly taking his life...

 Please - talk about Testicular Cancer with the young men in your life! Don't let fear or embarrassment silence you - just bring the subject up. You may save someone's life. 

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Here are just a few of many reviews of the book, Together We Will Win

"...personable, relatable, and compelling... the most powerful kind of writing--- the kind that can save lives... A powerful, educational, cautionary tale." -Kirkus Discoveries Review

  "This awe-inspiring and gut wrenching story of Ian's battle with testicular cancer is a must-read for anyone with a young man in their life. Readers will gain a personal understanding of cancer and its treatments and find it unimaginable that information on testicular cancer isn't required education."
- Mike Craycraft, R.Ph., testicular cancer survivor, founder of the Testicular Cancer Society, Ohio

  "Ian's story is absolutely inspiring! A true insight into a young cancer patient's experience, and especially enlightening for care givers. Ian's courage and strength is extremely moving, the emotions are so raw and the love of his family so touching. You will be changed by his story."
- Cyndy Steen, RN, MSN 

 "A powerfully heart-tugging true story about a young man and the immediate life changes he encounters after his diagnosis with testicular cancer. Through Ian's voice you'll be gripped from beginning to end as you fall into his life with his beloved family as they face the challenges, hurdles, and decisions in a life changed forever by testicular cancer. Perfectly and accurately written- a must-read!"
- John Nigra, testicular cancer survivor, Florida 

 "Ian's story should be mandatory reading for every young man. It has a way of giving goose-bumps even to cancer survivors. You cannot prevent testicular cancer, but you can identify the warning signs early and save your life. Let Ian show you how and why."
- Noah Wick, testicular cancer survivor, Washington 

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Available in paperback and Kindle.

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