Testicular Cancer Resources - Together We Will Win

Learn more! Here are some great websites:


  • Check 'em Lads
    A wonderful site created by Testicular Cancer Survivors. www.checkemlads.com
  • Testicular cancer info & support
    Lots of information and answers about Testicular Cancer! www.tc-cancer.com
  • Testicular Cancer Resource Center
    Plenty of answered questions about Testicular Cancer. http://tcrc.acor.org
  • ManExam
    Founded by testicular cancer survivor, David Coleman. All the details, very informative, easy as black and white!
  • Testicular Cancer Society
    Founder and testicular cancer survivor, Mike Craycraft is a great guy. This site has all the info you need, including plenty of support if you're going through it yourself!
  • The Testicle Tour
    Founded by testicular cancer survivor, Darren Couchman, raising serious testicular cancer awareness with comedy! Be sure to read Darren's book, "One Lump or Two!" A great read will have you laughing all the way through to the end of the book.
  • Talking Testicles
    Founder, testicular cancer survivor Ryan Walshe is active in public speaking in UK high schools to inform young men about the disease. He also offers support for those currently affected by testicular cancer.
  • Imerman Angels
    Founded by testicular cancer survivor, Jonny Imerman, to help support and encourage anyone living with cancer. Imerman Angels partners anyone seeking cancer support with someone just like you who has survived the same cancer. A great resource!
  • Cancer Action
    Cancer Support for those who need it. Partnering in Communtiy Education for Testicular Cancer Awareness for Young Men. Cancer Action is also a benefactor for Ian's Story Fund. http://canceractionkc.org
  • Brad Coleman Cancer Foundation
    Founded by John Coleman after his son, Brad succumbed to testicular cancer in 2010, this site is full of information about testicular cancer. John's passion is to help raise awareness of testicular cancer in our society in memory of his son.
  • Angel Flight Central
    Angel Flight Central (AFC) is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission it is to "Serve people in need by arranging charitable flights for health care or other humanitarian purposes."