What is Testicular Cancer?

Testicular Cancer is most common among guys ages 14-45.

It Starts In A Testicle

 Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in YOUNG men after the age of puberty - but even young boys can get testicular cancer. 

 Every guy needs to be familiar with the way his testicles feel normally. That way he can notice any changes if they occur. All it takes, is to feel each testicle while in the shower, checking for lumps, or changes in firmness, size, or increased number of lumps in a testicle. If changes are noticed - he needs to get to a doctor as soon as possible and get it checked out!

It might not be cancer - but only a doctor can tell - he needs to do a blood test. 

Testicular Cancer is curable - in early stages - when a lump is first noticed.


How is Testicular Cancer Diagnosed?

Diagnosis requires testicular examination, blood testing, Ultra-sound on scrotum, and even MRI or CT if cancer is suspected to have spread.

The doctor will want to have a look, first. While this may be embarrassing, it is necessary. He may also feel around the abdomen for indication of tumors.

A guy should tell his doctor about any other symptoms--persistent cough, abdominal or back pain, a breast lump,  sexual problems, or trouble sleeping. Remember, testicular cancer can be painless in early stages when a lump is first noticed.

Many doctors will not suspect testicular cancer at first - so be persistent if you sense something is wrong.


What Are A Guys Choices?

 Choice # 1 - Tell his parent or spouse, and get a doctor to check it out. If it is cancer, it must be treated immediately, for the best chance of survival. Early treatment may include minor surgery and some chemotherapy. Remember it is 99% curable if treated early! If you feel something is wrong, be persistent in getting tested for testicular cancer...don't take no for an answer!

Choice # 2 - Ignore it. But - if it is cancer, it will not go away - Cancer will keep growing in the body until it kills the guy. It will spread into the blood or lymphatic system, then grow into the stomach, lungs, other organs, and even the brain, if it is left untreated. The longer a guy waits - the worse the treatment will be, and the less chance he will have to survive the cancer.

Don't let your testicles kill you. Find a testicle lump? See your doctor.

How is Testicular Cancer Treated?


Catch it early - Treatment will be easier!

 Treatment  depends on how much the cancer has spread and grown. If the cancer is  found early enough, simple surgery to remove the effected testicle may be enough.

If the cancer has spread beyond the testicle, chemotherapy will be necessary, and possibly surgery on the effected organs. If the cancer has spread to the brain - surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell transplant may be necessary. With later stage cancer, chances of survival are decreased.

The longer a guy waits, the more intense the treatment will be.

Learn from Ian's Story - don't wait! 


Treatment Options

Testicular cancer can have a combination of different types of cancer cells, and is rated in four stages, based on the cancer's metastasis (growth & spreading). Treatment is based on the cancer's stage, type of cells, and rate of growth.

This is offered for initial information, only.

Please discuss all your options with your doctor.

Here is some information from the National Cancer Institute, one of many sites for good info. You can also view Treatment Options by Stage.

View Treatment Options

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